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Tuscan Holiday Feast Menu



Available to Pre-Order & Pick Up 

-To Go Only-

Order by 12/29 for 12/31 Pick-Up


Choose 1 Salad or Soup

Holiday Salad- Baby arugula, Du Puy lentils, crumbled goat cheese & pomegranate 

with lemon zest dressing  


Caesar Salad-Romaine hearts, shaved parmesan, croutons & house Caesar dressing


Ribollita-Hearty vegetable, kale and bread soup only found at Tuscan Son or if you travel to Florence!

Choose 1 Pasta

Rigatoni Melanzane & Mozzarella-Rigatoni sautéed with eggplant, house tomato sauce, fresh basil & Mozzarella


Penne Arrabbiata & Broccoli-Penne with garlic, spicy, house tomato sauce and roasted broccoli


Pasta Vodka & Shrimp-Penne sautéed with shrimp in a light pink vodka sauce



Choose 1 Main

Grilled White Fish With Lentils & Arugula-Balsamic marinated white fish over a bed of Du Puy lentils topped with organic arugula and baby heirloom tomatoes


Pollo Al Funghi-“Mary’s” organic chicken breast sauteed with mushrooms, cherry heirloom tomatoes, and fresh basil



Choose 2 Sides


Oven Roasted Broccoli-Oven roasted organic broccoli with garlic, red pepper, and fresh Parmesan

 Roasted Potatoes-Rosemary roasted Yukon gold potatoes.


Braised Cauliflower-Cauliflower braised with house tomato sauce and oregano



Dessert Included

Chocolate Brownie 


 Our Luscious Lemon Bar



Serves 2

$42.95 for an additional person

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